To all my readers…

Hello everyone. It is with great happiness to be able to share with you today the URL address to my new

My Website is dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge you need, in order to survive any situation you may one day find yourself in.

It is still a growing operation, as it always will be. Its how these things are. I have added new catagories to help make
finding certain topics easier to find. I now have the topics written in a larger font to make it easier to read for everyone, and
more things will be coming in the near future, including many more very informative articles written by yours truly. At some
point in the future, I may even open my Blog up to guest writers who may have something to share with you, that I know very
little to nothing about. One thing is for certain, I do not know everything but I learn new things everyday in my life. Learning
new things, is what makes us as human beings grow and flourish.

I will also be adding in marketing advertisements at some point. As most of you are aware, there are many costs
associated with running a website. I will be using these advertisements to offset these costs. With this said however, I
promise that I will only personally recommend or endorse products or services that I feel would be of great value to some
of my readers. If I find a product or service that has helped me in my preparations for whatever may come in the future, I will
let you know about it within my Blog, with ads hand-picked by me personally. I will also endeavor to place ads that give you,
my readers the best possible price on these products or services, when I can. Personally, I’m always looking for a good
deal, because as a prepper, it is good practice to be as frugal as possible to stay within your financial means.
There is No cost to you, the readers to use this site, so please just consider the advertisements as a form of supporting the

I am so very thankful to have such a great group of Blog followers, and I appreciate each and every one of you, my fans.
Again, Thank You All so very much for being my readers and for following me on this path together. To those who may think
about not following me to my new site, I wish you happy travels on your paths through cyberspace, and all I ask of you is to
Please remember me and my site, if you do not find anything more out there suitable to your needs.
Be well and God Bless you all!

Rising Stormclouds

P.S.  If you do care to follow me as I write about all I know concerning these topics, it is real easy to do. On the right side of the top page is two ways of signing up. An RSS Feed button, and an Email subscription box. If you are following my old Blog sites, before engaging the new feed, you should go to the bottom of the old feed page that you receive and unsubscribe to it first. In 3-6 months, the old sites will be deleted forever. All my time and effort will be on my New and Improved Blog site as I intend to make it the best site around.