Bio: I'm just an average guy, who grew up here in MO. When I was little, we could play in the streets and leave our windows wide open at night. That was the norm. My years brought me to today, where one has to have multiple locks on all the doors and security systems in place for the inevitable break-in. After I graduated from high school, I enlisted into the US Army. Two years of that, and I was medically/honorably discharged. From then, I have worked many many jobs just to survive, and be where I am today. I'm disabled yet I am not on disability. I now wish to write my opinions, and create articles about all things survival from my viewpoint. It is my hope that any information I provide may help others. I will write about other things along the way, I am sure! Thank You for visiting and may you always survive & thrive, no matter what situation you may find yourself in! Rising StormClouds

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